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Welcome to your Owner’s Corner! Explore these pages and find helpful information about your home away from home. Below are the most recent posts to this section. Enjoy!

Governing Documents

Articles of Incorporation
Articles of Incorporation detail how the association is operated such as how board of directors are determined, when meetings are to be held and how business should be conducted.
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Bylaws detail how the association is operated such as how board of directors are determined, when meetings are to be held and how business should be conducted.
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Conditions, Covenants & Restrictions (or Declarations) are association documents that govern how the association is run including a legal description of what the property is and what it can be developed into.
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Rules & Regulations
Specifically establish how reservations are processed, and may include house rules for the property itself, as approved by your BODs.
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Financial Info

ABC Policy
Assessment Billing and Collection Policy is adopted by the BOD in accordance with the association documents to dictate the timing and structure of the billing process.
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An association budget is utilized to manage the association operating and reserve finances.
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Financial Summary
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Full Reserve Study
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Meeting Notices

Board of Directors Meeting Schedule*

  • February 18, 2020 – Board Meeting by Teleconference
  • June 24, 2020 – Board Meeting at TPI
  • October 27 & 28, 2020 – Board/Budget Meeting at Lindo Mar

*Specific times, dates, and locations are subject to change. Please contact Trading Places International at 800-365-6494 or email for the most up-to-date and specific information.

Winter 2019

President's Message

Dear Lindo Mar Owners,

It’s the first week of November and I’m looking at the ocean from my balcony as I write. I’m close to the big rubber tree that comes up through the roof of the restaurant, so I’m doing some birdwatching, too. The ocean water is clear and warm, so as soon as I finish writing this message, I will go down to the ocean with my noodles and have a nice float.

Now are you in the mood to hear about the latest at Lindo Mar? Can you visualize me as I write? The two most important pieces of information this time are the successful completion of Phase 2 on time and on budget, as well as the adoption of the 2020 budget by the board at our fall onsite meeting with no increase in the maintenance fees. All of the board members, of course, are interval owners at Lindo Mar, so we are conscious of our pocketbooks, but we also have to be conscious of the financial welfare of the resort. So far, we feel it is still possible to not increase the maintenance fee, but to be responsible stewards on your behalf, at some point we will need to increase the maintenance fee, at least a little. Right now, we expect to be able to accomplish Phase 3 of the remodel, so we’ll have a “like new” resort next summer and also have some money left in our reserve fund at the end.

We’ve already heard lots of favorable comments from owners who, maybe for the first time, are living in a remodeled unit. There are a few glitches we must resolve, but overall, we on the board are pleased with our progress. Do you remember before we started this process and owners were so afraid we would lose the cozy Mexican feel we all enjoyed and that set us apart from other “cookie cutter” resorts? Everyone seems to agree that we managed to upgrade our units while also retaining the Mexican ambiance.

One of the glitches that is being corrected is separating the switches for the overhead kitchen light (very bright) and the hanging onyx lights over the bar (very romantic). As an experiment, to see how much inconvenience it would be for the unit owners, we separated my light switches and it took about 15 minutes with no mess, so we are going to go forward as quickly as possible to correct all of the Phase 1 and Phase 2 switches. YOU WILL LOVE THE AMBIANCE WITH YOUR ONYX LIGHTS ON AT NIGHT. The whole unit glows with a golden light.

For Phase 3 we will make the final design decisions at our February board meeting, but the expectation is that we will continue the same pattern of upgrades as in Phase 2, but we will also be remodeling the penthouses which require individual consideration, so we are soliciting input from the penthouse owners about what specific things they want to have retained or changed. We especially want to resolve any problems, like the inadequate ventilation in the master bathrooms. We continue to conduct weekly owners’ meetings, with or without board members, as we are available. In the absence of board members, Roberto Chavez, our general manager, conducts the meetings. I think you will be very impressed with the look of the sales office/meeting room, which was opened up to add more space and renovated in keeping with the renovation of the units. Speaking of the sales office, please take time to talk to Javier about any additional time you or your friends and relatives want to purchase. As I’ve written before, because of our aging membership base, our delinquency rate is creeping up slightly, although we are still at the very low end of the industry standard according to Trading Places. Every year we have to cancel some memberships for non-payment, so it is important to bring in additional owners. If you have more time than you can use, please be a responsible owner and rent that time to someone rather than let it go for non-payment.

Looking forward past Phase 3, we are looking at a remodel of the restaurant and possible remodel and/or expansion of the spa and gym. It would also be nice to improve our façade facing the highway so that it reflects the beautiful resort that we have here.

The restaurant proceeds continue to help us by subsidizing our maintenance fees thereby delaying the need for an increase, so please patronize the restaurant. Invite friends to experience a quiet morning breakfast or a lovely evening sunset dinner at our restaurant. And you can also help bring in patrons by writing TripAdvisor and Yelp reviews. (See the article about this elsewhere in the newsletter.)

I wish Happy Holidays to all our owners, and I’ll look forward to seeing many of you in January. I’m always happy to talk about Lindo Mar matters with you. Don’t hesitate to approach me when you see me. If I’m busy, we can set a time to get together for a chat.

Sandra Wicks
Board President

Resort Manager’s Message

Hello Lindo Mar Members!

Another year is coming to an end, and Lindo Mar is looking more beautiful every day. As you know, this year, we finished the second phase of remodeling. The third, seventh, and eighth floors, a total of 14 units, were completely remodeled this year.

We have been impressed by the results, and now your home is looking better than ever. I really appreciate the hard work of the Lindo Mar Board of Directors. They dedicate time to plan, make decisions, and work with everyone down here in Puerto Vallarta to make the remodeling operation a success.

We have found that remodeling this year has been a bit easier than last year. The first year of remodel let us become more aware of the timing and logistics for the equipment and the decorations for each room. We, the staff, at Lindo Mar work alongside the contractor to uninstall and re-install everything taken out during the remodeling process. Starting with the demolition, your staff works as a team to take out all furniture in every room, so that the contractor can start the remodel work on time. Then after the remodeling is finished, take the furniture we had placed into storage units in town, and relocate the furniture to the proper unit. We also installed all the new appliances and accessories including refrigerators, stoves, lamps, ceiling lights, wall sconces, microwaves, bedroom lamps, picture frames, wood blinds, balcony towel bars, etc.

We are really excited to welcome you back because we know you will enjoy your "new" rooms, the "new" sales office, and the "new" ADA restroom next to sales office. What a difference!

As the Christmas season and New Year approaches us, I want to wish you a very happy holidays for you and yours. I would also like to reiterate that Lindo Mar has never been better.

Wishing you the very best,

Roberto Chavez

Treasurer's Report
December 2019

I am most pleased to report that your Board of Directors voted for NO MAINTENANCE FEE INCREASE for 2020. This is the fifth year in a row with no fee increases. We may see the need for a slight increase in 2021 but be assured that your board will do our best for owners and your wonderful facility.

Our resort continues to be in a strong financial position, having completed remodeling units on floors 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 and with enough funds to remodel 1, 2, and 9 during the summer of 2020. Replacement reserves currently appear sufficient to complete the entire remodeling project, on schedule, and maintain a quality resort. Unaudited 2019 financial for the 9 months through September reflect a favorable variance to budget of $176,000.

Unit valuations should see an increase associated with our remodeling efforts of both rooms and common areas. The 2019 Lindo Mar maintenance fee delinquency rate of about 6% remains quite low compared to industry standards and may move even lower as members grow to appreciate the results of our remodeling efforts.

As of this writing, the U.S. Dollar buys 19.3 pesos and the Canadian Dollar buys 14.6 pesos. These exchange rates are nearly the same as my previous report. The Mexican inflation rate currently stands at about 3%.

Chuck Meacham,

You may find a copy of the 2018 financial review under your Owner’s Corner (Important Documents>Financial Review) or by clicking here: Financial Summary

Staff Spotlight

Hello Lindo Mar Members,

My name is Angel Lopez. I am your new Controller and I am responsible for all of the accounting functions at Lindo Mar. I was born in Veracruz State, south of Mexico, in October of 1962. My father was a Doctor and I have seven brothers. I studied to get my CPA in Puebla City.

In 1990, I moved to Puerto Vallarta and started working at Plaza Vallarta Hotel, now called Canto del Sol. I then went to work at San Marino hotel. I also worked at other hotels including the Qualton, Westin Los Cabos, Meliá Vallarta, Playa del Sol and Buenaventura Hotels, before I came to work at Lindo Mar this year.

I have noticed that the staff at Lindo Mar are hardworking and fulfill their work, no matter what their age. I am very grateful to the Lindo Mar management and for everyone responsible of giving me this opportunity to succeed and join the Lindo Mar family. Thank you.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020!

Angel Lopez,

Board of Directors

Back Row (left to right): Roger Denton, Dave Brusby, Dennis Lockwood
Front Row: (left to right): Sandra Wicks, Chuck Meacham

Happy Holidays!

The Lindo Mar staff and management would like to wish everyone a wonderful and safe holiday season. We wish you all the best for the rest of this year and the next! Just remember, your “home away from home” awaits you and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Activities in Puerto Vallarta

Looking for something to do during your stay? Here are some ideas!

  • International Friendship Club Home Tours – November to March
    This Club has been giving tours of homes in Puerto Vallarta for over 30 years. Visitors and patrons can go on tours which are given on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Ticket sales begin at 9 a.m. at the Sea Monkey Restaurant in front of the Villa Vista Del Sol Condominiums at Aquiles Serdan. Tours begin promptly at 10:30 a.m. and can be purchased in advance online at their website: or at the International Friendship Club office.

  • Malecón Public Sculpture Walking Tours – Mid-November to Mid-April
    The Galleria Pacifico sponsors a free sculpture walking tour Tuesdays from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and reservations are not required. Tours begin at the Millennium sculpture near Hotel Rosita at the north end of the Malecón.

Greetings from Owner Services!

Hello! We are your Owner Services Vacation Specialists and we are available to assist you in getting the most out of your vacation ownership. 2019 is quickly coming to an end and availability may be limited within your season. We also want to remind you to reserve your 2020 owner user week if you haven’t done so already. If you are not planning to travel on your week to Lindo Mar and would like to bank it with an exchange company, make sure you plan early, as all reservations are subject to availability! Please call us to confirm your reservation plans for your week(s), 800-365-6494 ext. 1 or email

Did you know?
In order to bank/deposit a week, most exchange companies (TPI, Interval International, or RCI) require a specific lead time for unrestricted exchange terms. The earlier you deposit the better your chances will be to receive flexibility with your exchange options.

Steps to banking/depositing your week for exchange:

  1. Call Trading Places International Owner Services department to request a reservation for deposit (Fixed week owners can call for their reservation number).
  2. Pay your corresponding maintenance fees for the week you want to bank/deposit
  3. Contact the exchange company of your choice and give them your Lindo Mar reservation
    Please note: An owner services representative can facilitate your deposit should you elect to use Trading Places Exchange.
  4. Make sure you receive a confirmation directly from the exchange company in writing confirming your week has been successfully banked/deposited.

If you have any questions on this process or on other options for your week please feel free to contact Owner Services at 800-365-6494, ext. 1 or email

How are we Doing?


Your feedback is very important to us! We are always looking for ways to improve our services and your vacation experience. Please let us know how you enjoyed your stay by filling out our online survey located on the bottom of the Lindo Mar website or by clicking here.

Share your Stories and Photos!

If you have stories or photos from your adventures at Lindo Mar, we would love to share them with fellow members in the upcoming resort news, please mail them to Casey Clayson at 25510 Commercentre Drive, Suite 100, Lake Forest, CA 92630 or email

Please note that if you submit a photo you must fill out the release form here. In addition, any photos submitted with visible faces cannot be used unless each person in the picture has provided written consent using the form attached in the previous sentence.

Pre-Arrival Form

We are encouraging all members and guests to fill out a copy of the pre-arrival form a week or more prior to check-in to help us prioritize room cleaning and to expedite the check-in process. You may fill out the check-in form at any time, regardless of your arrival date.

The pre-arrival form is conveniently located on both the Overview page and the main page of the Owners Corners of the Lindo Mar website: Here

Thank you and see you soon!

Lindo Mar Resort Staff

La Playita Restaurant


La Playita Restaurant has great staff, good food and amazing views. Management and staff are always looking for ways to improve and to best service you. A Restaurant Committee has been formed to bring new ideas to the restaurant and to help with a new bar design for the future.

To help the environment, the restaurant staff are no longer providing straws for drinks unless requested. The old cups and containers are being replaced with more environmentally friendly materials. For the next year, management’s focus will be directed towards quality, service, and consistency. Thank you for your support towards the restaurant all these years. Our success helps to continue to keep maintenance fees down. So please help us help you.

Did you know that La Playita Restaurant has its’ own Yelp page? We encourage you to take a moment to to leave a review, if you have not done so already. Many travelers look solely to Yelp to decide on a location to eat. Thus, the more reviews we get, the better.

Messages in a Bottle

Lovely spot built into the hillside

This place is well done in an old school Mexican hotel sort of way. It seems that almost every room has a great ocean view, and the balconies are very private. We were right off the lobby on the 7th floor (the beach is on the first floor) and the feared noise never occurred. The staff is great. There is a usable work-out room with a great view. There is a small sandy beach among a few rocks. The tidal range appeared to be about 5 feet, although we were there for the full moon. This place is about 6 minutes by car from the Zona Romantica and is walking distance from an OXXO convenience store.

The beach restaurant is everything you would want in a beachside restaurant. Sunday brunch draws many locals and includes menudo and freshly made tortillas. My only complaint regarding food and drinks is that drinks on the beach are served in Styrofoam cups. Beer out of Styrofoam is just not the same. I would love to go back to this place

-light122376 (TripAdvisor)

It just gets better every year!

This is the 30th year I had the pleasure of staying at Lindo Mar as a homeowner. My newly remodeled unit has every convenience. The new kitchens have great new appliances to make my stay a pleasure. When I don't want to cook, I head down to La Playita, our very own Mexican restaurant on the first floor. Love Sunday brunch. know by locals as one of the best deals in PV. Sitting above the beach having a Happy Hour Margarita watching the sun set over the Bay is a tradition. Breakfast, lunch and dinners at Lindo Mar were our go-to for the week. The other thing I love about Lindo Mar is the intimate size - only 49 units. You can't help but get to know those staying there. It is also located in the beautiful Romantic Zone South of Old town on the Conchas Chinas, away from cruise ships, airport and traffic. Peaceful is the word. We hop on the local bus to get anywhere North or South and it is only 5 minutes from Old Town and Los Muertos Beach and shopping. We even took the bus from Lindo Mar to the beautiful Botanical Gardens just 45 minutes away to the South. Can't wait to go back.

-KathyTBate (TripAdvisor)

Thank you to everyone who has submitted a >a href="">TripAdvisor>/a> review! Due to the great reviews we receive, we have earned the prestigious TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence these past few years. Every review counts, so if you have a moment, we would greatly appreciate you taking the time to write one too!

Solicitation of Nominations

We are always looking to add diversity to our Board of Directors. Can you bring something new and fresh to the table? Does your background provide perspective that might benefit the Board? Will your strengths make the Board stronger as a whole?

Serving on the Board of Directors is your opportunity to make an impact on the future of Lindo Mar Adventure Club, Ltd. by becoming involved in the decision-making process. (You must be a member of the association in good standing to submit your nomination.)

If you have an interest in serving on the board of directors, please contact or send your request and contact information to the address below. We will be happy to send you the form and consider your nomination for our next election. Thank you!

US Mail: Trading Places International
Attn: DRO Admin
25510 Commercentre Drive, Suite 100
Lake Forest, CA 92630

Previous Resort News



When is check in / check out time?
Use weeks are Saturday to Saturday. Check in time at Lindo Mar is 4:00 pm. Check out time is 11:00 am.

How do we use our owner time?
There are lots of options. You can spend the time at your home resort; you can exchange your time to another resort; you can exchange your time for a different time at your home resort; or you can deposit it for use next year. Believe it or not, you can even use next year's week this year.

How do we go about using one of the options?
Everything begins with a reservation and confirmation. If you own Floating Time, you first need to make a reservation with Trading Places International. They'll send you a confirmation. If you own Fixed Time, you need to contact Trading Places International and receive a confirmation before using, exchanging, or renting your week.

What if we want to exchange for another week at Lindo Mar or at another resort?
You need to contact Trading Places International or one of the other exchange companies and deposit your reservation with them. If you are going to another Trading Places resort, you can deposit your time with them at the same time you make your reservation.

Do we have to know which resort we want to exchange into at the time we deposit?
No. But, just like making your reservation, the earlier you request a specific location, the more likely you are to get it.

What if we can't get a reservation (floating week owners) at our home resort for the time of year we want to be there?
Just make a reservation for whatever time is available and then give it to TPI or another exchange company and ask for an internal exchange. That's when you exchange one time period at your Home Resort for a different time at that same resort.

Sometimes we can't take a vacation and other times we can take more than one week. Is there anything we can do about that?
There sure is. Through TPI or other exchange company you can save this year's week and use it next year along with that year's week. Or, you can use next year's week along with this year's. Also, don't forget you can often rent additional time at the resort where you're staying. It's a great way to extend your vacation. And, sometimes you can get better flight arrangements by traveling on a different day. If you do, just rent the additional time you need.

We own Fixed Time. Do we need to make a reservation?
No, not exactly. That is, you don't need to make a reservation, but you should let Trading Places know you intend to use your week or to exchange or rent it, as you'll need a confirmation.

What if we can't use our reserved week at all? Can we carry it over to next year?
No. At least, not without giving it to an exchange company like Trading Places first. They can accrue it for you and allow you to use it within the next two years.

When does my owner week expire?
Your owner week expires at the end of each calendar year. If you cannot use your week during that year, please call a representative to discuss your options.

Can a guest use my unit?
Yes a guest can use your unit. Just give Trading Places a call and let them know the name of the guest. There is no fee for your guests to use your unit.

Can we use only part of our week?
You can't reserve just part of a week. You must reserve a full seven days for each week of use, but you may be able to exchange a three or four day portion of your reserved time depending on the exchange company's rules. Of course, the number of days you actually stay is up to you, but you will be considered to have used all of whatever you reserved or exchanged.

We heard someone mention Bonus Weeks. What are they and how do we use them?
Some buyers at Lindo Mar paid extra for the right to use an extra week in any given year. In addition to the maintenance fee on their regular week, they must pay the maintenance fee for the year in which they use the Bonus Week, as well. Bonus Weeks can be reserved up to 9 months in advance.

2019 Remodel Photos

Resales Information

Want to Buy or Sell?

For all your Lindo Mar buying needs, please contact Javier Quezada at 011 52 322 221 5511. You may also e-mail If you are looking for another week to own at Lindo Mar or you want to sell the one you have, stop into our Member Services Office in the lower lobby. Javier Quezada is in the office to the right of the concierge desk. He won't try to "power sell" you; he'll just tell you how it is and do everything he can to help you accomplish your goal, whether buying or selling. As he put it recently, "Drop by my office to find out about existing inventory, resales, or just to say hello."

javier Quezada

The following information may be beneficial in starting the resales process. We encourage you to take advantage of this resource center from ARDA.

The ARDA-ROC Timeshare Resale Resource Center

The ARDA-ROC Timeshare Resale Resource Center is available on the website. Please click here to view the new ARDA-ROC Resale Center. This is a one-stop resource to educate timeshare owners about the resale process and to protect them from unscrupulous resale and marketing companies.

The goal of this new Resale Center is to offer owners an objective educational place on the web regarding traversing the thorny secondary market.

The Resource Center offers:

  • Information for consumers on how to find the right type of resale process to meet their individual needs.
  • Checklists to help them through the resale process including questions they may ask potential resale companies.
  • Information on how to identify scams and avoid commonly made mistakes.
  • A comprehensive list of frequently asked questions owners may have about reselling. Some of the most important questions dealing with such issues as whether or not legal and tax advice is believable; how the secondary market is regulated; and where to file complaints, along with websites to verify facts about a resale company.
  • A site that encourages owners to share information on their resale experience and the effectiveness of their resale efforts through an on-line survey.

Source: American Resort Development Association, 2011

Use Time Calendar

Timeshare Calendar for exchanges into Lindo Mar Resort.
(These exchange calendars may not coordinate with your home resort use week calendars)

(Click on calendar year to enlarge)


Transfer / Changes

Have you moved, changed your contact information, changed your marital status or had any other significant change in your personal status? Use the following document to assist with any of the following regarding your ownership:

  • Change a name(s)
  • Add or remove a name
  • Transfer to a family member or trust
  • Transfer your timeshare to a new owner
  • Retrieve contact information for your Recording Office
  • And more

Click here to download and print the reference sheet for your records.

Maintenance Fees

Lindo Mar Adventure Club, Ltd.

Unit Type 2020 MF CASH Discount if paid in FULL by 1/1/2020 1st Installment. ** 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Installment
1 Bedroom $627.00 $608.00 $186.75 $156.75
2 Bedroom $782.00 $759.00 $225.50 $195.50
2B Deluxe $832.00 $807.00 $238.00 $208.00
2B Loft $1,096.00 $1,063.00 $304.00 $274.00
2B P.H. $1,096.00 $1,063.00 $304.00 $274.00
3B Deluxe $1, 031.00 $1, 000.00 $287.75 $257.75
3B P.H. $1,192.00 $1,156.00 $328.00 $298.00

Due Date:
Payment is due on or before January 1, 2020. If quarterly payment option is selected, a one-time $30.00 processing fee per Interval will apply.

ABC Policy:
** - If quarterly payment option is selected a one time $30.00 processing fee per interval is included.
  Due Date 25% Late Fee $185 Delinquent Charge
1st Installment 1/1/2020 1/2/2020 2/15/2020
2nd Installment 4/1/2020 4/2/2020 5/15/2020
3rd Installment 7/1/2020 7/2/2020 8/15/2020
4th Installment 10/1/2020 10/2/2020 11/15/2020

To Submit a Payment by:

Check: Do not mail post dated checks.

Make checks payable to:
     Lindo Mar Adventure Club
     25510 Commercentre Dr. Suite 100
     Lake Forest, CA 92630

Credit Card:
     To pay online click here click here
     call 800-365-6494 ext. 1


Pre-Arrival Form

We are encouraging all of our members and guests to fill out the Pre-Arrival Information Form prior to checking-in. You may either click here or visit the Overview page of this website to fill out the form. Thank you!

Resort Specials

Exclusive Savings & Offers

*Some Restrictions Apply.