Owner Advisory

Lindo Mar Adventure Club, Ltd. members should be aware there are several places on the internet that purport to be sources of information about Lindo Mar Resort. For example, one of them promotes itself as being "for the community of owners, visitors, prospective owners and friends of Lindo Mar Adventure Club and Lindo Mar Resort." Please be advised that there is only one official Lindo Mar website (www.lindomarresort.com) and that any information found or reported on any other site should be authenticated with Lindo Mar management or the board of directors before being accepted as true.

In this age of advanced communication, it is possible for anyone to create and license a website and address and make themselves appear to be authoritative on any subject. They are not required to meet any kind of standard or regulation with respect to truthfulness or reliability. Please be sure you go to www.lindomarresort.com to verify any information you get from another source. If the answer is not there, contact our management company, Trading Places International, by emailing Darryl Hoyt at darrylh@tradingplaces.com.